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Midnight Monster Society

The Predator Split Helmet Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

The Predator Split Helmet Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

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4" x 4.25" die cut vinyl sticker based off Predator. Waterproof and permanent. Perfect for your car, laptop, or coffin!

The Yautja - also known as Predators are a race of hunters that continuously seek human and other exotic prey both sentient and otherwise. There is a strict code of conduct to their way of life. It is based on honor and respect to their home and each other; especially to elders and higher ranks. Despite their advanced technology, Predators' lifestyle is generally tribal (like Native Americans for example) and the relationships between tribes usually consist of friendly rivalry and competition. A sporting event is held that they call "The Hunt" where they track, hunt, and kill dangerous species. The possibility of getting maimed or even killed by the things they hunt plays a big part of the ordeal. For they must kill something that is capable of killing them otherwise there's no point in calling it an honorable sport. The more "in your face" the fight is, the better. When successfully killing the set opponent, the Predator will take its skull and sometimes the spine too as a trophy and proof of the kill. Sometimes the Predator will skin it for a pelt depending on the exterior. To die in combat can be considered honorable depending on the situation. If the kill was unsuccessful and the Predator survives, it is considered dishonorable while the Predator returns ashamed. They also hunt for food. This is based more on survival than honor. When hunting for food, it is acceptable to kill something that has little to no threat. It should be noted that whilst stalking other species for sport is the Yautja’s primary method of gaining prestige amongst themselves, certain individuals - and on occasion whole Clans - have been known to accept warriors of particular prowess from other races as both hunting partners and, rarely, equals.

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