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Midnight Monster Society

Dr. Decker Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

Dr. Decker Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

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4"X 4" Die cut vinyl sticker. Waterproof and permanent. Perfect for your car, computer, or slapping on anything you wish in your town or city!

Philip K. Decker, simply known as Dr. Decker and better known for his book alias Button Face, is the main antagonist of Clive Barker's horror dark fantasy novel Cabal, and also his 1990 film adaptation Nightbreed whom he is mostly known. He is Boone's psychiatrist, seeking to help him with his horrible nightmares regarding monsters and an infernal place called Midian, where monsters live. However, in reality, Decker is a heartless, merciless serial killer known as Button Face who seeks to frame Boone from his killings. As the story progresses, he also wishes the complete eradication of Midian and everyone living in it, evolving from a simple serial killer to a genocidal maniac. He was portrayed by David Cronenberg in the film version, who is mostly known for his work as a director, being this one of his few appearances as an actor.

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