We started out as a one man-DIY operation, making & shipping stickers clothes from a small, one bedroom apartment in Northern New Jersey. And 5 years later, not all that much has changed! (except no more apartment!) We are still a super small business. We’ve all wanted to be a part of something bigger, to be included, to find a place to belong. We were never geeky enough for the geeks, and we were never punk enough for the punks. We've always been in that weird purgatory. This yearning itself marked the beginnings of the Midnight Monster Society.

Punk music, horror, anime, video games, and other pieces of pop culture growing up, Midnight Monster Society is the culmination of all these influences. We're punk kids who grew up on 80's horror movies, and late nights filled with Nintendo and pizza. Midnight Monster Society was created with the mission to evoke emotions that our images have through our clothing while encouraging creativity and individuality.

If you’ve ever bought a t-shirt, sticker or anything else, we consider you a part of the Midnight Monster Society, and we couldn’t be more gracious for your continued support.

Proudly made within the bowels of New Jersey.

- Welcome to the Midnight Monster Society