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Midnight Monster Society

Archville Demon Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

Archville Demon Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

Обычная цена $2.00 USD
Обычная цена $4.50 USD Цена со скидкой $2.00 USD
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Made of 4.5" x 4" high quality vinyl that's waterproof/weatherproof. Perfect for your car, laptop, or Doomslayer Armor!

Forged from Hellfire, the Archvile is feared among lesser demons for its innate ability to channel and manipulate the unholy powers of Hell magic. Descended from the eldest race of demons, the Archvile has long held a place within the ruling caste of high-born demon lords. Possessing superior intellect among the demon ranks, the Archvile's psychomancy powers make it a natural-born ruler of the savage and primitive beasts of Hell, capable of bending weak-minded underlings to serve its will.

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