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Midnight Monster Society

Arachnotron Demon Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

Arachnotron Demon Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

Обычная цена $2.00 USD
Обычная цена $4.50 USD Цена со скидкой $2.00 USD
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Made of 4.7" x 5" high quality vinyl that's waterproof/weatherproof. Perfect for your car, laptop, or Doomslayer Armor!

Arachnotrons are built with genetic material recovered from the remains of the original Spider Mastermind, bio-engineered for cyber-augmentation. While its actual body exhibits only limited mobility, the oddly cerebral qualities of the Arachnotron make it a prime candidate for the impulse-controlled prosthetic frame that it now permanently inhabits. The UAC facility responsible for the Arachnotron's creation, intended to engineer and weaponize demons of its own design, was overrun after an outbreak occurred at its assembly plant, killing everyone inside. The facility, still operating under the directive of the administrative AI, continues to manufacture Arachnotrons autonomously.

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