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Midnight Monster Society

Cacodemon Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

Cacodemon Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

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Made of 4.5" x 5" high quality vinyl that's waterproof/weatherproof. Perfect for your car, laptop, or Doomslayer Armor!

Hunters of the Sloughlands, the Cacodemon lurks the bottomless and murky depths of Hell in search of easy prey. An aimless wanderer, the Cacodemon is mostly devoid of cognitive ability, sensory awareness, and otherwise commonly occurring impulses. Driven only by a singular desire to feed, the Cacodemon is likely to appear wherever there is flesh to be consumed, bringing with it an insatiable propensity for hunger. It is said that the Cacodemon bears some resemblance to the cycloptic titans of ancient Hell lore, leading Sentinel scholars to believe that the forgotten titans may yet live on in some disembodied form.

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