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Midnight Monster Society

Lost Soul Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

Lost Soul Die Cut Vinyl Sticker

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Made of 5" x 4.2" high quality vinyl that's waterproof/weatherproof. Perfect for your car, laptop, or Doomslayer Armor!

The Lost Soul has its origin among the Damned former humans who have fallen from the mortal world, doomed to an unliving eternity as sin-branded slaves of Hell. The Damned are seemingly endless in number, their populations growing by the thousands with each rise of the black sun. For many, the torturous existence of crushing slave labor is all that awaits. The bodies of the Damned are brittle, and those who become broken in labor - their bodies ruined, dismembered, or otherwise incapable of servitude - are transported to the pits where their souls must be extracted for further use. Those fortunate enough to escape this process are what inevitably become Lost Souls; their spirits transmogrified into physical form. The Lost Soul knows only madness, its memory a haunted image of its former mortal life. These creatures live a fleeting existence, roaming mindlessly, seeking only that which grants them a final death.

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